Water Main Leak Creating Low Pressure For 23,000 Redlands Residents

Water Main Leak Creating Low Pressure For 23,000 Redlands Residents

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City of Redlands water customers are asked to conserve water, especially during the peak morning hours after the City’s Water Division experienced a major leak in a water transmission line at a pumping station near Ford Park Monday, July 13, spilling up to an average of 5 million gallons of water per day.

City crews identified the source of the leak early Tuesday morning as a 16-inch water transmission line, affecting more than 6,000 customer accounts, including approximately 23,000 residents. Customers in the affected area could experience low pressure as a result of the leak. Repairs may take up to several days.

Water reservoirs remain low due to loss of water storage during the main break. Customers are asked to conserve water to ease pressure on the system while repairs are made.

Water quality is currently unaffected, but if water pressure drops below a critical level, boil water notices will be issued.

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For more information, visit the City of Redlands website at www.cityofredlands.org. An information line has been established for updates at (909) 798-7687.

Last Updated 7/16/2020 12:00 pm

An information line has been established for the latest updates (909) 798-7687.
If you have specific questions about your account you may call customer service at (909) 798-7516. You may experience delays when calling these numbers. As we receive more information it will be posted here.

The main has been repaired and now state mandated testing is taking place.  We anticipate the testing will be completed sometime Friday.   If you notice a drop in pressure please notify customer service at (909) 798-7516.

Water Main Leak RepairedLast Updated 7/17/2020 12:45 pm

A break in a 16-inch water transmission line has been repaired and the system was placed back in full operation Friday, following two rounds of state-mandated testing to ensure the water quality.

City of Redlands Water Division staff discovered the break in the line at a City pumping station near Ford Park Monday morning, July 13. More than 3.6 million gallons of water was lost before the leak was capped Tuesday.

More than 6,200 water customers representing more than 23,000 residents were asked to conserve water, especially during the peak morning hours, because of the low water levels to City reservoirs and to ease strain on the system during the repairs and testing.

TryCo Consulting Inc. of Corona, Calif., won a $94,860 contract to repair the line after four companies were invited to submit bids.

Following the repairs and chlorination, two water samples taken 16 hours apart were tested to ensure water quality. Both samples came back clear, and the State Water Quality Control Board authorized the City to put the main back in service Friday morning.