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Why Is My Air Conditioner Making A High Pitched Noise?

Summertime in Southern California means t-shirts, shorts, and endless hours spent at the beach. Nonetheless, it also means it’s time to kick on the beloved air conditioning unit. What happens when you decide to turn on your AC, and it sounds like it’s whistling? Even worse, the AC isn’t working at all! 

Let’s face it; summer won’t be much fun if you can’t cool down in your own home. When your AC isn’t working and it’s unbearably hot outside, it’s time to take some action. 

Once sweltering, humid weather rolls around, the last thing you want is an air conditioner that begins to make high-pitched noises. If your AC unit is making noise of any kind, we highly recommend that you seek help from a professional AC repair service in San Bernardino like Redlands & Henry Bush Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning that can diagnose and fix the problem efficiently. 

What Causes an AC Unit to Make a High-Pitched Noise?

We know panic happens as soon as your AC unit begins to make noises it didn’t make before. Nonetheless, high-pitched noises coming from an air conditioning unit are caused by several factors that are easy to fix. If your AC unit  is making high-pitched noises, it’s likely due to one of the reasons listed below.

Most Common Reasons for AC High Pitched Noises

Closed Vent Dampers

When vent dampers are closed, the air conditioning system will have trouble maintaining optimal airflow. In a normal air conditioner, all vent dampers should be open. Having all vent dampers closed prevents ample airflow throughout your home. Closed vent dampers can equate to a screeching or whistling noise.

Old, Dirty Air Filters

Air conditioning filters should be replaced every month during the summer or anytime you notice the filter is clearly covered with dirt and dust. Dirty air filters are a common reason for your air conditioner not working correctly. 

Fan Bearings Worn Out or Improperly Aligned

Older air conditioners have fan belts or bearings. When these belts and bearings have given all they can give, or they aren’t aligned in the right place, it can ultimately result in an annoying screech from your air conditioning unit. 

Fan Obstruction 

There could be a simple obstruction, such as a small object, in your air conditioning fan. This is an extremely likely reason for your air conditioning suddenly making a loud whistling noise every time you turn it on. 

No matter the reason why your AC unit is making these unusual noises, it’s crucial to make a call to a trusted HVAC professional who can get your AC fixed in no time like the experts at Redlands & Henry Bush who have been serving the Inland Empire for over 120 years. 

Although you may be tempted to fix it yourself by utilizing a Google search or Youtube DIY video, your best bet to stop an air conditioner from making noise all summer is to contact our highly-rated air conditioning repair service located in San Bernardino. 

How to Fix Your AC Unit Quickly

Being a resident of Southern California with a broken AC is the definition of having a miserable time. An air conditioning unit that’s making a high-pitched noise of any kind needs to be promptly looked at by an HVAC repair service that deals with malfunctioned ACs just like the pros at Redlands & Henry Bush. 

Fixing an AC unit that makes unnecessary sounds is a stress-free task when you seek out professional help. There are many things that you can fix by yourself, but an AC unit is not one of them.

Call Redlands & Henry Bush Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning in San Bernardino today to get a free quote for your AC repair services. We offer a variety of AC services from repair, replacement and new installation to provide the Inland Empire with trusted, licensed and insured professional service to keep your stress low and home cool.