Southern California Edison Shutting Off Power to Homes in the Inland Empire Due to Fires.

Southern California Edison Shutting Off Power to Homes in the Inland Empire Due to Fires.

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Have you listen the NEWS: Southern California Edison Shutting Off Power to Homes in the Inland Empire Due to Fires. With wildfires currently happening throughout Southern California, all of us in the Inland Empire are at risk. These fires have been impacting people’s well-being, way of life, and natural resources. Southern California Edison (SCE) have shut off power to 41,000 homes in the Inland Empire as of October 31st and are considering to shut off an additional 304,000 homes. In attempt to avoid fires being sparked by electrical lines, SCE selects areas that are identified as high risk due to fires happening. These efforts are to protect the public, and avoid the spreading of fires. It also have a huge impact on air quality. However, homeowners need to be prepared for these power outages, especially when the power is reactivated. 

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Also another NEWS: Southern California Edison cut power to 85 customers in unincorporated areas between Beaumont and Banning on Tuesday and will cut power to of 61,000 customers across Riverside County, almost doubling the amount of customers believed earlier.  As of 8:30 p.m. Tuesday there are 152,500 clients across seven counties under consideration for a public safety electricity shutoff, including Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, Riverside, Kern, Inyo and Mono counties, representing 10,000 residents added to the record Tuesday afternoon.  The utility decided to reduce power because weather conditions are increasing the threat of wildfires.  The National Weather Service predicted high temperatures and gusty Santa Ana winds reaching speeds up to 35 mph on Tuesday.