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When purchasing or maintaining your HVAC system, you can never have enough resources. Whether you have questions on how to improve your system’s performance or overall energy efficiency or you’re looking for ways to save on the purchase of HVAC equipment, we provide resources to reward customers looking to improve their energy efficiency. Our goal is to empower homeowners to make the right decisions for their home comfort through education and quality customer service. In addition to , which we update monthly, we have also put together some more comprehensive resources for helping Los Angeles homeowners make smarter choices about HVAC products and services.

Homeowner Protection

Putting you first means that Brody Pennell cares about fixing mistakes, taking accountability, and making sure that if surprises happen, the customer doesn’t suffer. Our protection plans, warranties, and money-back guarantees take care of YOUR bottom line and YOUR comfort in the case of any what-if. Learn more about lemon guarantees, our performance guarantee, extended warranty protection plans, and our one-year money back guarantee – all of which are designed to benefit the homeowner and protect them from anything that may happen along the way.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The HVAC industry can be complex for those that don’t work in the industry. To keep our customers out of the dark, we provide informative answers to questions we get ALL the time. Our FAQs cover important terminology, common concerns, and the usual HVAC services. Whether you’re wanting to take further control of your home comfort or you want to know what you’re getting when you work with an HVAC contractor, these Qs and As will provide a phenomenal resource to quickly and thoroughly explain these complicated subjects.

Do-It-Yourself Tips

Not everything in HVAC can or should be done by a non-professional. It’s not safe or recommended for you to DIY all the needed maintenance or repairs that your system could require. However, we are happy to help you save where you can and DIY what you can by following our expert tips!

Tell-A-Friend Club

Do you have a local friend, family member, or neighbor who has been in the market for a new HVAC unit? If you refer them to Brody Pennell, you can get a quick $100 reward. Your trust in us – and your willingness to review us honestly, give feedback to our technicians, or recommend us to your loved ones means everything to our hearts and to our business. We can’t wait to meet your friends and give you a little gift for connecting us.


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