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When you need Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning repair in Redlands, look no further than the Redlands & Henry Bush Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning. We have been serving your community for over 120 years. We are here for you 24/7 to give to the best plumbing, heating and air conditioning service possible. Call us anytime – we mean it! – at 1(800)257-5861. We have plumbers and technicians  available all hours of the day, including nights, weekends, and holidays. 

You can trust Redlands & Henry Bush Plumbing, heating and Air Conditioning with your plubing, heating and air conditioning repairs because we are:

  • Dependable – We have over 120 years of success here in Redlands and we have earned affiliation with industry groups, so you can be confident that we know what it takes to take care of area residents and businesses needs when issues happen.
  • Award-winning – Our team receives local and national recognition for exceptional service, and we love earning a 5-star rating from customers.
  • Technical expertise – Redlands & Henry Bush Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning plumbers and technicians can repair any brand of equipment because of our ongoing training. We are licensed and insured.

For over 120 years, Redlands & Henry Bush Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning has been serving the Plumbing and HVAC needs of businesses, individuals, and families in Redlands and the surrounding communities. As a well-established company, we know we can provide you the best plumbing, heating and air conditioning service with speed and accuracy. And if it’s not fixable, we will give you several options ranging in features and price points. Our team of friendly plumbers and technicians will answer questions you have about your plumbing and HVAC system.

When to Call for your Redlands Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Repair


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HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)

Making a weird noise  – if your air conditioner is making squealing or shrieking noises, particularly when it first starts up, that’s a problem that requires repair. Our technician can diagnose the source of the noise, but it is likely a problem with a belt-driven motor or the bearings on the fan motor. Buzzing and humming noises are also common, but usually have to do with loose or unstable parts. Securing system components is important to keeping your AC running as long as possible. The important thing to remember is that any weird noise from your air conditioner indicates a problem that needs fixing.

Blowing warm air – warm air when your AC is on? It doesn’t take an HVAC expert to know that’s not right. The reason your AC is blowing warm air is because the fan is running but the cooling mechanism is faulty. The most likely scenario for an air conditioner blowing warm air in your house is that your AC is low on refrigerant charge. Leaks in your refrigerant lines can be microscopic, with your system losing tiny amounts of refrigerant over the years. Brody Pennell will not only get you charged back up, but we will hunt down the leak and seal it to prevent any future issues from that spot. 

Turning on and off – If your air conditioner keeps turning on and off for just a few seconds or minutes at a time, then it is short cycling. An air conditioning system that switches between on and off is not just annoying; it’s a signal that something is wrong. The cause for short cycling is usually one of two issues. The first is a problem with the thermostat or the sensor inside the thermostat. The second is that the AC is oversized or overcharged with refrigerant. 

Heating/AC not working – if your AC is not functioning at all and it doesn’t turn on, it’s definitely worth a call to our team. We can help provide some quick troubleshooting over the phone, and failing that, we will have one of our technicians come to investigate. There are many possible reasons for an air conditioner that’s not working, it could be anything from a worn-out electrical contact to a faulty compressor, or even a thermostat problem. When your AC won’t turn on, it’s time to call in the professionals.  

24-Hour AC Service & Repair

Your plumbing, heating and air conditioning system is some of the most-used systems in your home. When it breaks down, it can seriously impact the comfort of your home, and can even put you or your family at risk. When a system breaks down, you need help fast, no matter if it is a weekend or after hours. 

Signs of a Plumbing Emergency

Do you know when you should call an emergency plumber? When something goes wrong with your plumbing system, it can be hard to diagnose what is causing the problem, or how quickly you need to contact a repair technician. In some cases, like a flood, it is obvious to call an after-hours plumber, but in other situations, such as you don’t have any hot water, it can be unclear. Because problems with these systems can put you and your family at risk, it’s important to know when to call an emergency technician.

Signs you should contact our 24-hour service and repair technician include:

  • Flooding
  • The sound of running water when all taps are off
  • Excessive moisture in your home, or damp carpets
  • Bad odors which might indicate a gas leak or a fire
  • Your water heater is making strange sounds or won’t turn on

It can be hard to determine if your problem is an emergency, but if you are unsure, it is always better to call and speak with a professional. Some problems, like a clogged drain, may seem small on the surface, but this could belie a larger, more dangerous problem elsewhere

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