We just recently installed a High Efficiency, High Comfort Heating and Cooling System in your neighborhood. Now your neighbor will now enjoy superior comfort and lower energy bills for years to come. If you are interested in a High Efficiency, High Comfort Heating and Cooling System, we would appreciate you considering our company.

We were founded over 120 years ago and are a full-service installation heating and air conditioning and plumbing contractor offering a complete line of energy efficient gas comfort appliances, heat pumps and air-conditioning units, as well as high efficiency air cleaning solutions and affordable maintenance agreements. Our trained service technicians are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

We offer top quality installations at a competitive price while keeping you, our customer, part of the team. Our company goal is to provide you with the optimum value for your investment, that’s why we offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We would like to assist you with any questions concerning air conditioning, heating. Call today for a free no obligation in home evaluation.

What to expect with our in-home consultation

  • Our home comfort advisor will give you a phone call approximately 15 minutes prior to their arrival.
  • Upon arrival, they will briefly discuss with you the scope of work to ensure a clear understanding of your project.
  • After discussing your needs, they will want to see the locations where all desired work will take place, so that the necessary pictures and measurements can be taken for clear communication with our installation department.
  • After the scope of work is discussed, photographed and measured, they would like to sit down with you to discuss the different products we carry that would be appropriate for your project.
  • I will prepare a detailed printed proposal with your system options and all accessories that are offered by our company. This is also a great opportunity for me to address all your questions you may have.
  • Prior to any installations they will perform a room by room heat loss and heat gain, which will allow us to properly size your home’s system and ensure comfort in each room.

Why we do a room by room heat loss and heat gain

  • “With cooling and heating equipment, a larger-sized product is intended to meet the needs of a larger sized area. However, if the equipment is too large for your home, you will experience increased costs and less comfort. Oversized equipment will operate in short run time cycles, not allowing the unit to reach efficient operation or deliver even temperatures throughout the home. Don’t assume that the size of your new system will be the same as your old equipment. Changes, such as additions or insulation improvements, may have been made to the house since the original equipment was installed; or, the equipment may have been too large from the start. Your contractor can calculate the right size for your cooling and heating equipment by using Manual J or an equivalent calculation tool. Ask about it.”
    • SOURCE: EPA Energy Star Guide to Efficient Cooling and Heating
  • “To be sure of correct sizing, choose a contractor who agrees to take the time to calculate heating needs using an industry standard calculation, such as found in the Air Conditioning Contractors of America’s Manual J. Such calculations take into account the climate, along with the house’s size, design, and construction.”
    • SOURCE: Consumer Reports “A guide to choosing furnace size, efficiency and features”
  • “Sizing Heaters and Air Conditioners: Quick but Inaccurate Methods. The following are some of the “quickie” methods some contractors may use to size a system. NEVER use any of these to determine the final size. The contractor walks in the house, looks at the existing unit, and recommends that the replacement unit be the same size, or larger. This obviously does not take into account any improvements made to the house or mistakes made in sizing the original unit.”

Why we use digital gauges

  • Improperly charging of air conditioning units will reduce their efficiency performance. “A 20% undercharge resulted in a 21% reduction in SEER while a 20% overcharge produced an 11% reduction in SEER.
    • SOURCE: Texas A&M University, An Evaluation of Improper Refrigerant Charge on the Performance of a Split System Air Conditioner with Capillary Tube Expansion

Why we use nitrogen during our installation


We have a number of different ways that you might finance your project. Whether it be Special financing for 1 year with approved credit through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Reduced Rates to No Interest programs with Greensky  or an Energy Efficiency Loan through the HERO® Program, we’ve got you covered.

Each program has their own unique benefits, give us a call to discuss the best financing options for you.