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How Much Does Commercial Plumbing Actually Cost?

Contrary to popular belief, there are two types of plumbers: residential and commercial. Residential plumbers deal with plumbing issues within a person’s home. On the other hand, commercial plumbers are HVAC technicians that can efficiently install plumbing systems in public businesses such as schools, local grocery stores, movie theaters, high-rise buildings, and various corporate offices you see around your city.

To put it simply, installing plumbing systems in public places requires an extensive amount of time and effort. When considering hiring a commercial plumber, one of the most important factors to think about is the cost of commercial plumbing services. 

You may be wondering, how much is commercial plumbing going to cost?

What is the Average Cost of Commercial Plumbing Services?

The average cost of plumbing services depends on a wide range of factors. Unlike residential plumbing services, commercial plumbing services cost more. Commercial plumbers charge more than residential plumbers due to the amount of work involved. 

Professional plumbing services can vary in terms of pricing. Depending on the project and company, it can range from $100-250 an hour, however, it’s best to get an estimate before making any decisions on your commercial project.

Why Are Commercial Plumbing Services Expensive?

The hefty cost of commercial plumbing services includes a fair amount of things. Not only are you paying a professional for their expertise, but you’re also paying them for their time. 

This is the reason commercial plumbing comes with a high price tag. Instead of just fixing your shower, commercial plumbers install entire plumbing systems that include multiple sinks and toilets. 

There is currently a labor shortage in the commercial plumbing workforce, another reason why this kind of plumbing will continue to be costly. 

Is It Worth It To Hire a Cheap Commercial Plumbing Contractor?

It’s not worth it to skimp out on cost when it comes to hiring a commercial plumber for your project. There are risks involved when you hire an inexpensive commercial plumbing contractor. 

In fact, hiring a cheap plumber will most likely mean you’ll have to pay more later to fix any mistakes that are made. When you hire someone cheap, you truly get what you pay for. 

For example, if you decide to spend the least amount of money possible, you risk hiring: 

  • A contractor who isn’t licensed. 
  • A contractor who will ghost you mid-project. 
  • A contractor who doesn’t exude professional qualities. 
  • A contractor who doesn’t do quality work. 

The saying goes: cheap work isn’t good, and good work isn’t cheap. Find a top-rated professional commercial company that gives you the best bang for your buck. 

Will Commercial Plumbers Give Free Estimates?

A high-quality commercial plumber will always give a free estimate. After all, no customer wants to be surprised by an expensive invoice when the project is finished. If you run into any commercial plumbing contractor who doesn’t give free estimates, run in the other direction. 

The best commercial plumbers are going to the ones that are upfront about every aspect – from the cost to the estimated time frame of project completion. Don’t forget that it’s okay to shop around until you find the right price for you.

Remember: The fees charged by a plumber are an exact replica of their skill set. Low fees often equate to a low skill set. High fees mean they are educated in their field. 

How Many Hours Do Commercial Plumbers Work Per Day?

Residential plumbers work a standard 9-5, commercial plumbers work for as long as they need to. Commercial plumbing contractors wouldn’t get much done if they only worked 9-5 every day. 

One of the main differences between residential vs. commercial plumbing is not only the amount of work, but the amount of time worked. Commercial plumbers do far more complex work, which is why you must hire a professional plumbing contractor. 

Don’t make a mistake and hire someone off of Craigslist. 

How Do I Find The Best Commercial Plumbers?

Finding the best commercial plumber is easy when you know what to look for. Once you find a commercial plumber, schedule an appointment for a free estimate. 

Many plumbing contractors will include financial planning options for those who seek it out. The truth is companies want to work with you, so they’ll work with your budget.

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