What To Do To Have A More Energy Efficient Home in 2020

What To Do To Have A More Energy Efficient Home in 2020

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Does your Energy Bill sky rocket when you use your central Heating and Air Conditioning System? With the year just starting, why not set a plan to make energy efficient home? This can help you keep your home comfortable and lower your monthly electric bill throughout 2020.

1. Find Gaps In Windows and Doors and Seal Them.

If your home has gaps around the doors and windows this means the heat and air is escaping, also known as Air Leakage. The U.S. Department of Energy has a list of tips for sealing air leaks to make energy efficient home. Visit https://www.energy.gov/energysaver/weatherize/air-sealing-your-home.

sealing Gaps in buildings

2. Insulation, Insulation, Insulation.

Majority of energy efficient home have insulation installed in attics and walls, depending on the age of your home, its insulation might be outdated. Another issue with the insulation might be that a lessor R-value was used. R-value measures how well certain insulation materials can resist heat, the R-value varies between the insulation type and its density. In California all new homes built must have a minimum insulation value of R-38. To determine what insulation R-value, you currently have in your home, we recommend consulting with a professional. For more information, visit www.energy.gov.

roof insulation

3. Upgrade To A Programmable Thermostat.

If you have a programmable thermostat great. If you do not have one, know that a programmable thermostat can help maximize your Heating and Air Condition system. For a savings on your electric bill set your thermostat 7 to 10 Degrees lower than normal for 8 hours a day in the wintertime and raise the temperature by 7 to 10 degrees in the summer for 8 hours a day.

Programmable Thermostat To Save energy

4. Maintenance On Your Heating and Air Conditioning System. 

Day in and day out, your Heating & Air Conditioning System builds up dust and dirt as you use it. This daily use of the equipment can also loosen parts. These issues can prevent your system from working efficiently. In fact, dust, dirt and loose parts can affect your Heating and Air Conditioning system performance, which means that your system will use more energy resulting in a high electricity bill. A Heating and Air Conditioning system tune up will allow your system’s efficiency performs at capacity. Another advantage of servicing your system regularly reduces the risk of costly malfunctions.

Programmable Thermostat

If you have questions and/or would like to speak with our Home Comfort Adviser give us a call at 1-800-25-PLUMBER. We also provide 24/7 Emergency Service when you need us to make energy efficient home.