$50 OFF Earthquake Automatic Shut-Off Valve*

  • Compliant with CA Regulations
  • Product Endorsed by the Los Angeles Area PHCC
  • Activated by 5.4 Magnitude or Greater Seismic Event

Automatic Gas Shut Off Valves are an effective way to save lives and prevent property damage in the event of a earthquake.

Because no one can accurately predict an earthquake, an automatic gas shutoff valve can be installed and when activated, will shut off your home or business’s natural gas supply in the event of a 5.4 or greater earthquake. Tested and approved by CSA, City of Los Angeles, and the State of California.


$75 OFF Wi-Fi Thermostat*

Imagine when you want to change the temperature, you just speak to the thermostat. Just say, “Hello, thermostat” to activate the thermostat and say one of the pre-programmed commands like “I’m feeling cold” or “Make it four degrees warmer.” Even across the room in a busy household, the voice-activated thermostat can recognize your voice commands. Or control the thermostat remotely with the Total Connect Comfort app and your smartphone.

On a business trip flying home? Just use you smartphone to view and change your heating and cooling system. The thermostat also features on-screen weather information, so you can check outdoor temperature and humidity on your way out of the house. The thermostat’s color display can be customized to any color to meet your preference or match décor.

  • Seven Day Programming
  • Internet Time Sync
  • Customization Color Screen
  • Advanced Fan/Control Comfort

Honeywell Heating Air Conditioning Thermostat

$500 OFF Water Softner System & Installation*

A home drinking water system is both a convenient and a cost effective way to provide your family with quality drinking water. Imagine the convenience of having virtually an endless supply of bottled quality water available at your fingertips to use every day. No more deliveries or lugging home bottles from the store and most importantly the ongoing cost of purchasing drinking water.

We offer all options Carbon Filtration, Reverse/Osmosis, Distillers and Ultra Violet Treatment. Depending on your water chemistry, personal preference and a few other questions to be answered, we can help you make the correct decision on determining which combination of processes is best for you.

  • Tastier Coffee, Tea, Ice Cubes, and Baby Formulas
  • Perfect for Weight Loss and Sodium Diets
  • Save Hundreds by Eliminating Bottled Water Needs

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*Discounts applies to the total cost of parts and installation and may not be combined with any other offer, see coupon for more details.